The Finer Things: Wine Cask and Intermezzo

Some days you wake up and feel like a million bucks. You may decide to go shopping, have a massage or even get dressed up and treat yourself to a great meal at a nice restaurant. The finer things in life are always such a treat and usually well worth the price. But that doesn’t mean you necessarily must break the bank.

The Wine Cask family of Intermezzo and the original Wine Cask restaurant offer the best of both worlds. In our little slice of El Paseo in downtown Santa Barbara you can get a melt-in-your-mouth burger and a craft beer or treat yourself to an elevated, multi-course dining experience prepared by Chef Brandon Cogan  in the subtle elegance of the Gold Rom. Local wines flow from kegs at Intermezzo and bottles of Odette Cabernet Sauvignon are opened table-side by attentive servers in Wine Cask.

You may think that these two spaces couldn’t be any more different but surprisingly, that is not at all the case. The two share a kitchen, a staff, a whole network of intricate delicacies and fine wines. It is what makes us unique. Combining the worlds of elegance and affordability are our specialty. We cater to the desires of a multitude of personalities, from those who want to make new friends over locally sourced craft cocktails to those who would rather have an intimate conversation over a bottle of fine wine.

Tastes and moods fluctuate and evolve with time and occasion, which is why we offer such unique options within the beloved historic El Paseo. Come by Intermezzo after a show across the way at the Lobero theater, then come enjoy dinner by the fire with good friends and great drinks in the Gold Room or under the warm spring sky on our Mediterranean courtyard another day.

Whatever your mood, Wine Cask and Intermezzo satisfy.

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