Santa Barbara Film Festival & Intermezzo Bar + Café ~ Wine Cask

Intermezzo Bar + Café has the honor of showcasing a rare library of screen luminaries as photographed by Norman Seeff. Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Seeff moved to the United States in 1969. His photography and filmmaking is focused on human creativity and the creative process.

This gallery is on loan to us by the gracious David Wexler, owner of Hollywood Vaults in Los Angeles. “Hollywood Vaults is a self-service facility offering preservation-quality storage for film, tape, photos, collectables and digital media. Twenty-four hour access to climate controlled, high-security storage in private, individual vaults.”

These beautiful prints are on display during the Santa Barbara Film Festival, January 27th – February 7th. Make sure to come by before February 7th  to get a cocktail and bite while enjoying these stunning images at Intermezzo!

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Wine on Tap ~ Intermezzo Bar + Café

Intermezzo Bar + Café is proud to offer the largest local selection of wines on tap in Santa Barbara. We currently carry fourteen wines on tap from various local wineries in the Santa Barbara County. The wine is housed in reusable stainless steel kegs or disposable/recyclable kegs. Wine on tap is considered eco-friendly for many reasons. Cost and environmental waste is saved from the bottle, cork, storage processes, packaging, shipping and delivery. The amount of corked and oxidized wine is also eliminated, making the overall process and product better for the Environment, Manufacturer, Retailer and Consumer.

Kegs of wine can also maximize space for wine cellars and are not as heavy as bottles of wine. The typical wine keg holds 26 bottles of wine or 130 glasses of wine. Guests are also able to enjoy various amounts of wine easily rather than the standard 750ml wine bottle. Intermezzo has pricing for a glass, half carafe and full carafe. Most importantly, the customer gets a perfect tasting glass of wine every time.

People will still want to enjoy the ever-changing aged bottle of wine, as the wine on tap process does not allow the wine to age. There is a place in the restaurant world for both systems. The art of ordering a bottle of wine and having it presented along with bottle service is something that will never disappear. However, for wines that are not in need of significant aging the wine housed in kegs is a perfect and eco-friendly match.

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Intermezzo New Hours: Open DAILY from 4pm and Saturday from 12pm

Call us at 805-966-9463 for more information.

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