Welcome Executive Chef David Rosner ~ from Coast to Coast


Chef David Rosner’s culinary path started in classic fashion, directly after high school with an apprenticeship under the world-renowned Chef Daniel Boulud.  “Growing up in Long Island I had a vision of the career path I wanted for myself and knew I had to be in Manhattan,” says Chef Rosner.  “I clearly remember buying the Wine Spectator issue featuring the ‘Top 20 Restaurants in NYC’ as a teenager and thinking this is it, my starting point– at Boulud’s 4-star Restaurant Daniel!”

Rosner also believed in the value of classic culinary schooling, so he enrolled in the world-famous Culinary Institute of America – Hyde Park, graduating with a degree in Culinary Arts.  After graduating, Rosner was invited back to Restaurant Daniel to work full time on the line.

It was there he learned about food integrity, developed an eye for detail, and learned organization both inside and out of a kitchen. “Everyone called me the Kid, but I was very fortunate to land in such a professional environment.  Opportunities like this—working for an incredible chef in an amazing kitchen— can greatly contribute to a young person’s development.  For me the confidence that I gained is what led me to believe I, too, could one day become a great Chef.”

David later joined the crew at Balthazar located in SoHo, Manhattan.  He quickly moved up the ranks and was asked to become part of the management team as Sous Chef at their newly-opened restaurant, Pastis.  His first experience being a part of an opening team was “like winning an award and becoming sous chef at the same time” explains Rosner.

After 3 years at Pastis, David took a break to explore the culinary traditions of Europe. Traveling allowed him to work in storied kitchens, learn basic European cultural approaches to food, and witness the day-to-day traditions he has been building upon since his time as an apprentice.  Once back in the States, Rosner was ready to helm the kitchen at Balthazar, taking over as Chef de Cuisine upon his return.

David’s next journey would land him in Los Angeles at The Standard hotel as Executive Chef. “It was a new city, entirely new breed of customers and the opportunity to delve into the world of hotel restaurants while simultaneously refining my business acumen,” recalls Chef Rosner.

From there he would return to NYC to be part of the opening team at Gordon Ramsey’s London Hotel, which ultimately led to being hand-picked to be the Executive Chef and Director of Operations for Café Luck. “My time in Santa Barbara was a dream for any chef.  The bounty of the coast region just minutes from the restaurant allows for the most direct sourcing of the highest quality product you can find.”

David’s passion for sustainable, organic produce allows him to employ a unique, modern approach with classic techniques to each plate.  Today, his time spent in the south of France melds beautifully with the Santa Barbara palette, allowing for a style that is bright and vibrant and speaks of the ingredients provided by the land and sea around him.  Chef Rosner feels, once again, right at home in Santa Barbara. He looks forward to being part of such an iconic restaurant with the Wine Cask representing the best of what Santa Barbara has to offer.

Eight Reasons to Fall in Love with Summer

If you haven’t been to Wine Cask lately, there are some enticing new entrees on the menu. Call 805.966.9463 or email us at manager@winecask.com or visit us at Open Table for Reservations.

tomato fondue, black-eyed peas, cured chorizo, parsley salad

smoked miso crust, bacon, grilled zucchini, sprouted lentils
charred green vegetable velouté, Manzano vinaigrette

garbanzo – cashew puree, roasted carrots, candied eggplant, serrano chili

coconut curry quinoa, grilled asparagus

spring onion, Yukon Gold and onion soubise gratin, Mornay sauce

pork belly, smoked coffee glazed corn, sweet popcorn grits,
grilled peach, sautéed spinach

lamb sausage, braised lamb cheek short grain rice, bok choy,
caramelized heirloom tomato, jalapeño pesto

Joelle olive oil confit new potatoes, market green beans,
sweet black pepper sauce, fresh herb salad

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History of the Wine Cask Property & 90 Years of Old Spanish Days

Have you ever wondered about the history of the property of Wine Cask?

For several decades after it’s founding by the Spanish government in 1782, the presidio (military garrison), served as the political, economic and social center of Santa Barbara. By the late 1820’s, the presidio was flying the flag of Mexico and gradually falling into disrepair and ruin, never fully recovering from a devastating earthquake in 1812. In 1828, Presidio Comandante Jose de la Guerra y Noriega moved his family and offices into a new larger home, the Casa de la Guerra, which quickly became the new center of human activity in the fledgling community of retired military families. The family crest above the fireplace in the Gold Room is that of the De la Gurrra y Noriegas.

In the 1920’s, the vision of a restored and expanded Casa de la Guerra held by architect James Osborne Craig grew, in partnership with Eastern financier Bernhard Hoffmann, into El Paseo. Together they constructed this complex of shops and offices around the venerable old adobe and created the essence of a Spanish village which has served as the model for Santa Barbara architecture since the city’s rebuilding following the 1925 earthquake.

The Restaurante del Paseo for many years served much the same community role that the Casa de la Guerra served a century earlier. The Gold Room, with its famed ceiling by Albert Herter, was “the” gathering place for locals and visitors alike. Today, the Wine Cask is proud to continue this long tradition of hospitality and community. The Santa Barbara Historic Trust protects the exterior of El Paseo as well as the Ranchero Room, Wine Cask’s ceiling and the ceiling of the St. Francis Room.

This year also marks the 90th Anniversary of Old Spanish Days here in Santa Barbara. To learn more about the history and festivities please visit the official Old Spanish Days website.

Fritz Olenberger is the official Fiesta Photographer and we are proud to present some favorite photos from his years photographing this Historic and beautiful event. You may also purchase a calendar with Fritz Olenberger’s photography for $15 (tax included) at the Carriage Museum, 129 Castillo St. open Monday – Friday from 9:00am to 5:30pm.

All Fiesta photos by Fritz Olenberger, courtesy of Old Spanish Days. Please visit his website for more beautiful photography.

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