Beach Wedding ~ Wine Cask Reception: Willa Kveta Photography

The City of Santa Barbara has several amazing beaches to say your “I Do’s” on. Please give a look at John Dickson’s Guide for photos and descriptions of our Beach Locations. Also, the City of Santa Barbara provides a list of all the Facilities available to rent for events. We love Willa’s photography and are so honored to present another brilliant Wine Cask Wedding!

For more information on how to reserve a private dining experience at the Wine Cask, please email us!

Willa Kveta Photography

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Joshua Harding Photography ~ Eleven Hour Day

Joshua Harding, a very talented journalisic photographer shows us all the hard work that goes into a day of preparing for a restaurant. Thank you so much Joshua for sharing your beautiful photography with us. Dylan Moot (pictured), our Sous Chef, studied in the IUP Culinary Arts program in Pennsylvania. As did his wife and our Pastry Chef, Rosie Moot. We love the people that make it happen here. Thank you both for your amazing talent and hard work.

Joshua Harding Photography

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Dynamic Duo: Courthouse Wedding ~ Wine Cask Reception

One of the best ways to celebrate your wedding in Santa Barbara is by enjoying the historical beauty of the city. The Santa Barbara Courthouse is a must-see and an amazing backdrop to say your “I Do’s!” There are several areas that can be rented out on the gorgeous grounds as well as the magnificent Mural Room.  Courthouse Ceremony Information

Located three blocks away is Wine Cask Restaurant which is the perfect way to celebrate afterwards with friends and family. The Gold Room, Mediterranean Courtyard, Wine Library and Riviera Room can all be reserved for your private dining experience. Private Dining Information

We are excited to present this adorable dynamic duo celebration photographed by Aga Jones Photography ~ Thank you so much Aga for sharing this gorgeous wedding with us! Beautiful work!

For more information on how to reserve a private dining experience at the Wine Cask, please email:

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